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The Full Story

        As a local art coaching & advisory business in Mumbai, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe in touching lives and we spread peace, love and joy where ever we go.

We spread art awareness through our tailored creative Workshops at Corporates, schools, colleges and various institutions. We have hosted about 13 shows at various art galleries in India and this is the first painting we sold. My most sincere gratitude to Shahabuddin ji for creating such a mesmerizing work of art.

We have coached over 45 students of various age groups in observing and representing & some of them have got an admit at re-known universities abroad to pursue art further.

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Exactly What You Need


So we here, at aRT chakrA spread art awareness through all our endeavours. So if you would like to become an active volunteer in helping us at work or would like to sell your paintings, connect with us through this simple platform. We would definitely help you grow.

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Kajal Gaitonde

An Artist, Arts Entrepreneur and an Educator

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Sachin Waikar

An Artist, Sculptor and an Educator

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